Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the blog’s official Hall Of Fame!

Here I will honor my all-time favorite athletes in the various sports. Now, if you’re a famous athlete and you’re wondering why you’re not inducted – please don’t e-mail me and ask me when will it happen, or suggest to trade your Olympic gold medal or a World Cup winners’ medal for the privilege to be enshrined in the HOF. It doesn’t work that way. This is a serious institution.

My criteria are strict. You can be the greatest at your sport, but if you don’t give me that special feeling when I see you compete – forget about it. It’s not just about greatness.

Who will make it? Well, hold your horses. I have many favorites, in many sports. The induction will take time. And don’t forget we still have regular posts to write, about awesome sports statistics stuff.

So brace yourself, HOF inductees are coming!

Breaking Bad - Hall Of Fame

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