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Cristiano Ronaldo and Other All-Time Top Goalscorers

In case you didn’t hear, and I doubt there’s a football fan who didn’t hear about it, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace yesterday in Real Madrid’s Champions League win over Malmö, which brought the total amount of goals he scored for Real Madrid to 323, just like Raul, Real’s legen-wait-for-it-dary all-time leading scorer. Well, now there are two all-time leading scorers, and Cristiano will obviously claim the #1 spot all to himself in a few days. Continue reading

Greatest Brazilian Scorer in Champions League History

Let’s take a short break from the NBA playoffs to talk a bit about football. We just had the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, and as I watched them a question popped into my mind – who is the greatest Brazilian scorer in the history of the Champions League? Perhaps you would like to venture a guess too? Go on, it’s free. Think about the Brazilian player who you think scored the most goals in the history of this competition (European Cup included). A bonus point if you manage to guess how many goals he scored (and just to remind you – Messi and Cristiano, the all-time leaders, have 77 goals). I guarantee that about 70% of you will be wrong, because the correct answer is quite surprising. Continue reading

Football’s All-Time International Goalscoring Record – Part II

Ok, so we’ve seen in Part I how we came to have the amazing record of 109 international goals we have now. And while it’s preposterous to think that some present day player might break it, I do want to mention some recent amazing goalscorers and to single out the few that may climb high enough to see Ali Daei’s back.

So, without Freddy Adu, let’s go:

The first amazing goalscorer chronologically is John Stern. Wait, who?! Michael, you made this one up, didn’t you? Continue reading

Football’s All-Time International Goalscoring Record – Part I

Yes, I’m following in the footsteps of the Harry Potter and the Hunger Games movie franchises. Splitting posts in two is the real thing right now, haven’t you heard?

So… Previously we’ve seen what’s going on with the all-time international appearances record in football. Now it’s time to complete the picture and check what’s going on with its brother from another mother – the all-time international goalscoring record. However, I must warn you – the story with the goalscoring record is much more boring than the whole appearances saga, and you’ll soon understand why. However, if you’re still interested in learning what’s going on there, follow me down the rabbit hole. Or something like that.

Continue reading

Football’s All-Time International Appearances Record – Part II

So… previously, on the third best sports blog in the world: we surveyed the all-time international caps record, its history, and two potential candidates to break it – Iker Casillas and Landon Donovan. This time we’ll have a look at some younger candidates, all of whom are very famous footballers, and who all accumulated a whole load of international appearances at a very young age. Let the fun begin! Continue reading

Football’s All-Time International Appearances Record – Part I

International caps. The hallmark of a professional footballer. Being selected to represent your country – I mean, what could be better? Well, being selected to do so many many times, of course!

When I was younger (like 10 years or two weeks ago) I liked to daydream about being a good footballer – I pretty much sucked in real life. Titles at the club level were always featured in those dreams, but even more important for me were the international caps – being selected to the national team… I always thought that if I were a footballer, I would make myself available for the national team for as long as I could walk. Just like Kobi Kuhn said about the great Stephane Chapuisat – As long as I could kick a football, I will be available for international selection. I mean, there is no higher honor than that. This is why I always admired players like David Beckham (do I sense a Hall of Fame induction? Well, yes I am! But not now, though), who always behaved like I imagined I would in his place – Beckham ALWAYS made himself available for England, and never suppressed his desire to play for the three lions, even when he was nearing the end of his career (The fact that he wasn’t selected to be a part of GB’s 2012 Olympic team is an outrage). This is so much different from so many players, some of them from the top of the top, who retire from international play for a variety of reasons. Although I can understand their logic, this is something I really can’t relate to. Continue reading