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Michael – y u no post?

y me no

After a lot of people asked me that in the past week, after the lack of activity on the blog, I feel that I need to dispel some wild rumors circulating on the web.

No, Putin did not order me to shut down this blog.

No, I did not die.

No, in no way did I abandon this precious project of mine. Continue reading

Hall Of Fame section

I am happy to announce the upcoming grand opening of the blog’s Hall Of Fame!

The aim of the Hall of Fame is to commemorate my all-time favorite athletes, in all kinds of sports. Now, I am not intending on telling their life story or go over all of their achievements. For that kind of shit, there is Wikipedia and other websites. I plan on telling my story of them and why are they deserving of being inducted to this HOF – probably the greatest achievement any athlete can aspire to. Continue reading

Hola from Argentina!

The blog is having a short break, due to me being abroad – I’m currently in Argentina, on a vacation. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to post new (cool!) stuff while I’m here, but in worst-case-scenario the blog will be back running at full speed once I return, which will be at the end of September.

So brace yourself, more sports posts are coming in October!


Links added

“Yo Mr. White!”

“Yes Jesse?”

“You know this dude, Michael, who has this blog about sports statistics and stuff?”

“Yes, I am well aware of it. What has it got to do with us?”

“Well, I heard like, he added this links feature on his blog, with, you know, links to these websites that deal with, like, sports stats and whatever”

“This sounds interesting Jesse. I will ask Junior to check it when I get home. Now let’s get back to cooking. We need to finish this batch for Gus before Monday”

“Yo, whatever. Bitch”