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The Greek Freak

I think that I’ve never seen a full NBA game with Milwaukee Bucks in it, but I have been following Giannis Antetokounmpo and reading about him ever since he came into the NBA – and despite the fact that I can’t pronounce his name proberly, I must say that damn, that kid got skillz!

Have a look at this mind fucking basket he made in their win over Detroit: Continue reading

Hall Of Fame – Kajsa Bergqvist

IAAF World Athletics Championships - Day 3

Our first inductee to the Blog’s Hall Of Fame is… drum roll please… Kajsa Bergqvist!

Well, this was a bit redundant… I mean, her name IS in the post’s title…

For all the blog readers who are not track & field fans – Kajsa was a Swedish high jumper, a really damn good high jumper. Continue reading

Hall Of Fame section

I am happy to announce the upcoming grand opening of the blog’s Hall Of Fame!

The aim of the Hall of Fame is to commemorate my all-time favorite athletes, in all kinds of sports. Now, I am not intending on telling their life story or go over all of their achievements. For that kind of shit, there is Wikipedia and other websites. I plan on telling my story of them and why are they deserving of being inducted to this HOF – probably the greatest achievement any athlete can aspire to. Continue reading

Is Yao Ming the greatest REALLY TALL NBA player ever?

A brief post, just some things I thought about in the last few days.

1) Ray Allen – what’s up, yo? Man, don’t you want to decide already whether you’re coming back or not? I’ll make it simple for you – you do need to come back! It doesn’t really matter which team you’ll play for this season, just play! The season is already 10 games deep (+/-), and you don’t have that many games left to make 100+ three point field goals! I mean, you do want to break the tie with Reggie Miller and singlehandedly hold the record for most consecutive seasons with 100+ made treys, right? You both have 15 of those, which is cool, but isn’t it much much cooler to be the ONLY guy who has 16 consecutive seasons? Just make up your mind, cuz there ain’t that much time left! You’ll need to score a little bit more than 1.4 treys per game if you come back now and play in every single game. Now, last year you scored 1.59 treys per game, so that’s definitely doable, but still – come back now, or you’ll regret it until the end of time! Continue reading

All-Time Top Medalists in the Swimming World Championships – Men

An update: Here’s the link to the updated 2015 rankings

It’s time now for the other half of our swimming post. We’ve seen how things stand for the female swimmers, now let’s see how their male counterparts do. The format is the same as it was for the women – a swimmer needs 6 total medals and 4 gold ones to grant him a spot on the all-time lists.

Spoiler: Michael Phelps is not number 1 on both lists!

Just kidding, of course he is. Continue reading

All-Time Top Medalists in the Swimming World Championships – Women

An update: Here’s the link to the updated 2015 rankings


After we dealt with the all-time medalists at the Athletics World Championships, it’s time to move on to the other great event that captivates us during the summers of odd years – the release of the new Harry Potter book!

Oh, wait a minute, we’re not in 2007 anymore… Crap…

Well, actually, I meant the Swimming World Championships. And yes, I know it’s called the World Aquatics Championships and that swimming is only part of the program. Still, I’m going to call it the SWC, since swimming is the only thing I find of interest. Fuck you, synchronized swimming! Continue reading

LeBron’s streak got a scare

Damn, I nearly got a heart attack when I checked the box score for Cleveland-Portland this morning.

Never mind that Cleveland lost, LeBron finished with only 11 points! His lowest total since 1867!

We’re very lucky that it was still in double digits and that his streak didn’t end. This was the 575th game in a row that LeBron scored in double digits, and now he equalled Karl Malone‘s record for the 3rd longest such streak EVAR. Next game he should bump Malone one place down. Continue reading