The Greek Freak

I think that I’ve never seen a full NBA game with Milwaukee Bucks in it, but I have been following Giannis Antetokounmpo and reading about him ever since he came into the NBA – and despite the fact that I can’t pronounce his name proberly, I must say that damn, that kid got skillz!

Have a look at this mind fucking basket he made in their win over Detroit:

Now, the Bucks are currently 4th in the East (a big surprise! to me at least). They will surely slip a couple of places come April time, but the playoffs loom like a real prospect for them this season, and I made a deal with Giannis – if they will indeed make it, I will make sure I watch them play.

P.S. I’m currently brewing up a long post about international caps in football. Brace yourself!

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