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Greatest Brazilian Scorer in Champions League History

Let’s take a short break from the NBA playoffs to talk a bit about football. We just had the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, and as I watched them a question popped into my mind – who is the greatest Brazilian scorer in the history of the Champions League? Perhaps you would like to venture a guess too? Go on, it’s free. Think about the Brazilian player who you think scored the most goals in the history of this competition (European Cup included). A bonus point if you manage to guess how many goals he scored (and just to remind you – Messi and Cristiano, the all-time leaders, have 77 goals). I guarantee that about 70% of you will be wrong, because the correct answer is quite surprising. Continue reading

Mo Cheeks

Yes, it’s been too long since my last post. The thing is that I’ve been busy with a talk I had to give at the seminar for PhD students at TAU, and since I have a tendency to really put myself into every work I do at the univesity it really took a lot of me and of my resources. The talk was about my research and it was the first time I presented it (I really hate doing it and this is why I always go to conferences as a listener only – I never presented a poster or gave a talk). Continue reading