Mo Cheeks

Yes, it’s been too long since my last post. The thing is that I’ve been busy with a talk I had to give at the seminar for PhD students at TAU, and since I have a tendency to really put myself into every work I do at the univesity it really took a lot of me and of my resources. The talk was about my research and it was the first time I presented it (I really hate doing it and this is why I always go to conferences as a listener only – I never presented a poster or gave a talk).

But thankfully the effort was worth it – it all went ok, and now I’m past that. So that means it’s time to return to the blog! So many great stats waiting to be written!

But as a first post after two weeks I want to post somethng nice and not stats-related. Mo Cheeks was a great point guard, he won a championship with the 76ers in 1983 and is still ranked 11th all-time in assists and 5th all-time (!!!) in steals.

Cheeks has accumulated 7,391 assits throughout his career, but his greatest assist came many years after he already retired. It was in a Portland-Dallas game in 2003, when Cheeks – then the coach of the Trailblazers, did this:

Maurice Cheeks – you’re the MAN! Greatest assist evar.

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