Milwaukee Bucks And A Few Thoughts About The Playoffs So Far

Well, just as I promised to The Greek Freak- I did watch a Bucks game the other night, game 3 of their series with the Bulls. I think it was the first time ever that I watched a full NBA game with the Bucks in it. They played well, but Giannis really disappeared after a very good first half, and without him in top form I didn’t reckon they stand a chance.

The Bulls played some good ball and some very good defense occasionally. But I was really glad to see D-Rose have some very good plays. After everything that this player has been to – you can’t not root for him. And Noah, with his unselfish play and the amount of effort he leaves on the floor… Damn! He’s been one of my favorite players in the league pretty much since his rookie year, althugh I’m really glad to see his facial hair getting much better since then. I think it’s really great how every now and then you get to see those great defensive juggernauts who don’t care at all about scoring, and only focus on being great on defense. Dennis Rodman is my prototype for those kinds of playes, and Ben Wallace was his successor. And now Noah is carrying on their legacy. Altough unlike them he also posseses some great passing skillz, especially for a player his size. Anyway, It’s because of D-Rose and Noah that I want the Bulls to win this match-up. The Bucks are a nice team, but they are still very young and inexperienced. Also, I wasn’t impressed much by Michael Carter-Williams.

As for the other playoff series – I try to watch one game per day, which is something I can fit nicely into my schedule. I managed to see several different series so far, which I intended on doing – I don’t feel like watching LeBron sweep the Celtics in 4 games, I’d rather see some of the Warriors magic, or Atlanta, etc. Unfortunately, here in Israel we didn’t get to see a single game of the Spurs-Clippers series so far. Jesus, how lame is that? The best series of the first round and we are treated to none of it. Thanks Israel, that’s really nice of you.

The first round so far has been pretty much predictable. It’s like reading a Dan Brown novel (sadly, I did it when I was young and stupid. However, now I’m much older and much smarter less stupider! Er… never mind). We have several sweeps ready to happen, and very few real battles. The Spurs-Clippers series might go to 6-7 games, although I’m pretty sure the Spurs will win it – although I did chose the Clippers in a bet with a friend (I really thought they will pull off an upset). I was also sure that the Wizards-Raptors series will go to 7 games, but I guess that’s not happening.

Joakim Noah with The. Best. Photo. In. Draft. History.

Joakim Noah with The. Best. Photo. In. Draft. History.

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