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Hey There Delilah

Numbers! Text! Lists! This is the best photo ever featuren on this blog.

Numbers! Text! Lists!
This is the best photo ever featured on this blog.

The 1,575th best result all-time in women’s 3,000m steeplechase belongs to Delilah DiCrescenzo from USA. 9:40.63 minutes, that’s her PB. Continue reading

Three Lions On A Shirt

I have always been a fan of Italy’s national football team, but there are other national teams that I find myself cheer when Italy doesn’t play. England is one of them. And I also really love the whole English football culture. Their ingenious football chants, the brilliant commentators, the jokes. I suffer from the fact that I know only three languages – Hebrew, Russian and English, and therefore I can’t understand a thing the Italian football fans say or sing 😦 So it may well be that they are just as ingenious as the English fans, I’ll never know. Continue reading

Detroit vs. Everybody

I’m starting a new thing today – posts that won’t be sports-related (although this one is. Dammit, Michael – be consistent!). I wanted to do this for a long time, and I even warned about it in the “About Me” section. For example, I do want to write sometimes about some of my favorite songs. So, the blog is still dedicated to sports statistics, but yeah, sometimes I will post some other things. Continue reading