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Football’s All-Time International Appearances Record – Part I

International caps. The hallmark of a professional footballer. Being selected to represent your country – I mean, what could be better? Well, being selected to do so many many times, of course!

When I was younger (like 10 years or two weeks ago) I liked to daydream about being a good footballer – I pretty much sucked in real life. Titles at the club level were always featured in those dreams, but even more important for me were the international caps – being selected to the national team… I always thought that if I were a footballer, I would make myself available for the national team for as long as I could walk. Just like Kobi Kuhn said about the great Stephane Chapuisat – As long as I could kick a football, I will be available for international selection. I mean, there is no higher honor than that. This is why I always admired players like David Beckham (do I sense a Hall of Fame induction? Well, yes I am! But not now, though), who always behaved like I imagined I would in his place – Beckham ALWAYS made himself available for England, and never suppressed his desire to play for the three lions, even when he was nearing the end of his career (The fact that he wasn’t selected to be a part of GB’s 2012 Olympic team is an outrage). This is so much different from so many players, some of them from the top of the top, who retire from international play for a variety of reasons. Although I can understand their logic, this is something I really can’t relate to. Continue reading