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European Athletics Championships 2014 – Day 1

As an avid athletics fan, the European Athletics Championship is a must. And this year it is promising to be a more exciting event than the last one, which suffered from the  London Olympics being held less than a month after it ended.

But this year we have no Summer Olympics, which kind of sucks of course, but on the other hand we can enjoy an all-out-war of European athletes.

So, this year the championship is being held in Zurich, Switzerland. I will try and post daily updates of the events that took place the day before, and today we begin with the events of the first day – August 12th.

Due to my first half of the day being regularly occupied by work, I don’t really have the opportunity to watch the morning events. So I will confine myself to commenting on the evening session, which is more interesting anyway.

Discus Men Qualification 

Well, no surprises here. Well, if you don’t count Alekna’s appearance. Jesus, I thought he retired already! But no, this living legend is still with us, and was attempting to reach the final on his 43rd year… I actually thought he has a chance, due to his SB being over 65m, but he performed badly and didn’t throw over 60m. 😦 Continue reading

Statistical achievements that went (largely) unnoticed in the 2013/14 NBA season

Well, no league in the world is probably open to statistical analysis like the NBA.

However, in addition to the popular statistical stuff, many awesome and intriguing stats go unnoticed. This post is dedicated to them. The stats that don’t get the recognition they deserve (mostly), the ones that almost nobody notices, the ones that prefer to be a wallflower during a party, and the ones that are afraid to say hello to the girl they like when she passes by them in the college’s hall… This post is for you!

The bulk of the statistical data for this post (and for many to follow) was collected from the bible of NBA statistics –

We saw enough of some regular statistical achievements this year, like Philly’s succesful tanking (26 loses in a row!), Durant’s awesome scoring streak (which eclipsed even the streak of His Mighty Airness), and many more.

But hey, they are not the reason why we gathered here.

So, without further adu…

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