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European Athletics Championships 2014 – Day 1

As an avid athletics fan, the European Athletics Championship is a must. And this year it is promising to be a more exciting event than the last one, which suffered from the  London Olympics being held less than a month after it ended.

But this year we have no Summer Olympics, which kind of sucks of course, but on the other hand we can enjoy an all-out-war of European athletes.

So, this year the championship is being held in Zurich, Switzerland. I will try and post daily updates of the events that took place the day before, and today we begin with the events of the first day – August 12th.

Due to my first half of the day being regularly occupied by work, I don’t really have the opportunity to watch the morning events. So I will confine myself to commenting on the evening session, which is more interesting anyway.

Discus Men Qualification 

Well, no surprises here. Well, if you don’t count Alekna’s appearance. Jesus, I thought he retired already! But no, this living legend is still with us, and was attempting to reach the final on his 43rd year… I actually thought he has a chance, due to his SB being over 65m, but he performed badly and didn’t throw over 60m. 😦 Continue reading