LeBron, Tyreke – What Are You Doing?!

We’ll take a short break from the two-parts football post about the international goalscoring record, in order to talk about two very important things that need to be talked about, before this NBA season is coming to an end.

The thing is – two very important streaks by current NBA players are coming to an end. The first one is by LeBron James. Thankfully, it’s not his streak of scoring in double-digits, a streak which currently stands at 635 games. However, this streak is another awesome one – consecutive seasons with averages of at least 6/6/6 in the three most important categories – points/rebounds/assists. 

After his rookie season, LeBron embarked on a streak of 10 consecutive seasons which were a marvel to behold in terms of stats. 10 consecutive seasons of at least 6/6/6, the second longest such streak of all-time, second only to Jason Kidd‘s streak of 12 consecutive seasons. Before this season took off, LeBron was lying comfortably in second place, alongside Oscar Robertson, who also had a similar streak, and I imagined him easily producing another such season, to take his streak to 11. However, 8 games before the end of this season, LeBron currently averages only 5.79 rebounds per game! Noooooooo… If anything, I would have guessed that assists would be his downfall. But it turns out it’s those back-stabbing rebounds, damn them.

However, not everything is lost. In the 8 games remaining, LeBron must collect 61 rebounds. An average of 7.63 per game. Definitely doable for a player such as LeBron, but can he actually do it? How bad does he want it? I hope that bad enough, I would really hate to see the streak coming to an end…

Now, the second streak belongs to Tyreke Evans. You might scratch your head and wonder “what streak could Tyreke possibly hold?!”. Well, I mentioned previously, in my very first post evar, the legendary Sidney Wicks – the player who in 10 years in the NBA managed to lower his points-per-game average in each and every season. We waited many years for someone to try and emulate the feat, until we got Tyreke. In 5 years in the NBA, Tyreke did just that – lowered his scoring average season after season. However, this year, his 6th in the league, it’s going up all of a sudden! His scoring averages in each season:







WTF Tyreke?! This is not good, not good at all. The saddest part of the story is that Tyreke’s average is already too high to make amends. Even if he manages to score exactly 0 points in each of the 10 games remaining to him, his average will still not be enough. It will still be too high and thus will end his very nice streak, halfway to Sidney Wicks. So, unless Tyreke manages to score -2.1 points for the remaining 10 games (extremely difficult. I don’t reckon he can make it), his story is over. So close Tyreke, so close… Now we’ll have to look for someone else to try and do a “Sidney”.

Tyreke, after finding out about the chance he missed to chase Sidney Wicks' record...

Tyreke, after finding out about the chance he missed to chase Sidney Wicks’ record…

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