– Trolling Level: Expert

Well, the picture pretty much speaks for itself. A summary of tonight’s game between the Sacramento Kings and the LA Lakers contained the following (well, without the troll face. That’s my addition):

I'll say it again - memes don't need captioning!

I’ll say it again – memes don’t need captioning!

Well played Greg Beacham, well played.

Greg Beacham, you da real MVP.

I can do this for hours.

Anyway, I always feel sorry for all those sons-of, who have absolutely no chance of coming close to what their all-time legendary dads did. Regression to the mean, much? David Stockton might be a good player, but really – it’s quite masochistic to play the same position your dad used to play… The only ones who have a shot at exceeding expectations are the players whose fathers weren’t all-time greats, like Stephen Curry – whos career probably already eclipsed Dell‘s career, and Kobe Bryant – whos career has obviously already eclipsed Joe‘s career.

This i just a fun post I wanted to do after I read this awesome trolling this morning. I have a big post coming up to summarize some of this season’s awesome statistical achievements.

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