Stephen Curry who?

Take a brief look at the NBA leaders for 3P% so far:

Such numbers! Much excitement!

Such numbers! Much excitement!

The best 3 point shooter in the NBA right now is my homeboy Omri Casspi!

Stephen Curry? gimme a break… a mere 47.5%… and you call this guy MVP… more like WPE – Worst Player Evar!

Omri, my man, keep it up!


Boy, don’t you just love those statistical anomalies that occur at the start of the season?
And just to be clear – Steph is one of my favorite players.

Now, I know it’s been really a while since my last post. I had some intense time at the university, writing my PhD proposal to advance to the PhD’s second stage and then having to defend it in front of a committee. But now that it’s behind me we’re back in business. I’m already brewing up some good long post…


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