Brandon Stark… Wait, What?!

As an avid reader since a very young age, I always thought that the books are ALWAYS better than their cinematic adaptations, even if the cinematic adaptations are really awesome, be it “Game Of Thrones”, “Harry Potter” or “Lord Of The Rings”. I always treat the movies\series as visual aids to the books, or some sort of appendices. I don’t see how someone who didn’t read the original material and is relying only on the movies\series can truly grasp and appreciate the intricacies of the work. You just can’t film EVERYTHING and some stuff will inevitably be left out.

As such, I haven’t been watching the latest season of Game Of Thrones – I’m waiting for the 6th book to come out, which – judging by George R. R. Martin’s pace, should be around 2021.

But I didn’t imagine that missing  just a few episodes would be so hazardous to my understanding the plot or even recognizing the characters:


God Damn it, what did I miss?!

What the fuck is happening in Westeros right now?!

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