Cristiano Ronaldo – Goals in 2014

Goals scored in a calendar year were never really important, until Messi made everyone count them in 2012. Since then, people all of a sudden became very interested in this kind of statistic, and now whenever a calendar year ends – we get the stats of how many goals in the last calendar year scored the leading scorers in the world.

So… you know how Cristiano was in an absolutely ridiculous form up until two weeks ago? He started this season with 25 goals in 14 matches in the league, and 32 goals in 25 matches overall for Real Madrid. AND he ahd an amazing Champions League campaign last season, setting an all-time record of 17 goals in a single season. So yeah, you can say that this year was pretty amazing for him. And he was absolutely the scariest player in the world from the start of this season. But still, if you count all of his goals for 2014, you see that he managed to score “only” 61 goals.

That’s not even his PB for a calendar year.

Anyway, this is not to say that this year has not been great for him or that he is less of a player than everyone make of him. He IS great, and is one of the two greatest players of the last decade. This is just to show you how much Messi’s un-fucking-believable 2012 year is un-achievable. He scored 91 goals in a single year! 91!!! Cristiano, in his amazing, record-shattering and all-time great season, scored 61. That’s TWO-THIRDS of Messi’s total. And I’m writing this just to put Messi’s record in the right context. His 2012 season was something out of this world. I don’t reckon we will see anyone comes close to breaking it in the next years…

Yes! I made it to Michael's last post of 2014!

Yes! I made it to Michael’s last post of 2014!

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