Nick Symmonds – Beer Mile

This is actually something from 2012, but I just came across this and it was too cool to not write about it in the blog. So here we go.

Nick Symmonds – an 800m runner at the highest possible level (silver medal at the 2013 World Championships. 5th place in the London Olympics) and one of the most outspoken athletes against the Russian anti-LGBT policy during the World Championships in Moscow – ran in August of 2012 the Beer Mile, less than two weeks after competing in the Olympic final.

The Beer Mile is just like the regular mile – 4 (and change) laps around the track, only at the start of each lap one must drink a can of beer (355ml).

Symmonds finished his Beer Mile in 5:19 minutes, and back then it was a new US record (bettered since then).

The current Beer Mile world record: 4:47.17 minutes.

Now, I’m pretty sure Symmonds is the best runner ever among those who tried to run this Beer Mile thingy. And obviously he doesn’t have any competition when it comes to speed. But from watching the video it’s pretty clear he loses some precious time due to his ineffective beer drinking.

Symmonds is not going to the Rio Olympics. So I guess this is just the right time to start practicing on the Beer Mile, to try and break the WR!

Go Nick!

*On a side note, I’m nearing the finish of two awesome and really big track & field posts, especially for the Olympics. Stay tuned!

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