Coach Pop and Pau

Hey, a real brief post, following tonight’s games.

1) What did I say about Pau Gasol? He IS having his best season ever, at 34 years of age! In tonight’s game against the Bucks, he set a career-high of 46 points, adding 18 rebounds (his career high is 22). Amazing!

I didn’t check it, but I reckon he’s right at the all-time top of players who set their career-bests in points at such an old age. I mean, he’s 34 years old! I can’t recall any similar example from the past few years.

2) You gotta love Coach Pop. Here’s what he had to say after Austin Daye equaled his season best with 22 points, and helped the Spurs beat Minnesota 108-93:

Q: Would you like to see Daye play like that more often?

A: No I hope he plays like crap.

Q: How much energy did he give?

A: I think 44.5-foot pounds of; exactly, I don’t have the same formula.

He’s just too awesome! The transcript is courtesy of

"Getting real tired of your bullshit questions..."

“Getting real tired of your bullshit questions…”

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