Westbrook’s Massive Game

Whoa, OKC just beat Golden State 127-115!

But even bigger than the win was Russell Westbrook‘s epic performance in tonight’s game. And that says something, because Durant scored 36 points to go along with 9 rebounds and 4 assists, and Russ’s performance still eclipsed his.

Westbrook finished with a triple double of 17 points, 15 rebounds and 17 assists (and 4 steals). Such an achievement is a real rarity. Using the BBR’s Player Game Finder feature I found out that only 6 such instances, of getting at least 15 in all three categories, occured in the last 30 years. And Westbrook joins Jason Kidd and Rajon Rondo as the only players to achieve that since 2000.

How come Gal Mekel is not in this table???

How come Gal Mekel is not in here???

However, if one also factors in Russ’s 4 steals, you can then see that his achievemnt is truly unique – no player has ever managed to have at least 15 points, rebounds and assists, to go along with 4 steals. Fucking amazing! AND he did it in the least amount of minutes of all the gentelmen who are featured here – 36. You go Russ!

P.S. If you wonder how come Russ is not appearing in this list – well, this is because it takes time for BBR to update all the relevant stats, and I was in a real hurry to publish this post, because… well, I didn’t have any real reason to do that, but nevertheless – I might put here the updated table, with Russ in it, if I’ll remember it later on.

Ok, I did remember. Here is the updated list:

Still no Gal Mekel... WTF is this shit?!

Still no Gal Mekel… WTF is this shit?!

Why don’t I delete the previous list image and the stuff I’ve written in the P.S.? Well, I want to keep it there for the historical records. One day, when I get drafted by ESPN and get a job writing a blog for them, not unlike Bill Simmons, I will proudly present this post to show everyone that no post was left behind and I always came back for my amigos. Too dramatic? Nah… 🙂

Yes, I get a whole post of my own!

Yes, I get a whole post of my own!

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