Ibrahima Bakayoko

Do you guys remember Ibrahima Bakayoko?

I used to play A LOT in Premier Manager 98, and Bakayoko was one of the best players there. He was definitely in the top 10, alongside Maldini and the original Ronaldo.

Check out his stats from that game:

Not sure if Ibrahima Bakayoko or Lionel Messi.

Not sure if Ibrahima Bakayoko or Lionel Messi.

Are you fucking kidding me?! Look at his stats! Look at his price! How come this guy doesn’t have 3-4 Ballon D’Or’s to his name by now?! He was Messi before Messi was Messi! No doubt, he was destined to be the black Pele but something happened along the way…

And why the fuck is Ivory Coast written in Spanish (Costa Marfil)?!

Anyway, cheers. The post about football’s international goalscoring record is near. Hope to post it in the next couple of days.

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