Some Random NBA Thoughts

I haven’t posted for a while and I’m not sure why. I’m actually writing a new Hall Of Fame induction and it’s just taking forever. I love writing it but I fucking hate that it takes so long. FML.

Anyway, just some random thoughts about the ongoing NBA season…

1) I really like Sacramento’s chances of grabbing that playoff spot. Half a season in, and they are only one game behind Utah for 8th place in the Western Conference. Now, I’m not a Sacramento fan but I’m obviously rooting for my homeboy Omri Casspi, who is having a really great season. It will be awesome seeing him in the playoffs finally, as well as Boogie Cousins (who is nearing membership at the exclusive “20-10 Club”) and Rajon Rondo who is finally Dr. Rondo this year, after last year’s Mr. Rajon. BTW, despite my love for him I didn’t vote for Casspi in my All-Star ballot. I don’t think he really deserves a spot there. Maybe in the three-point shooting contest. Who did get my vote? I’ll die before I tell you. Or write a post about it anytime soon. I’m still torn between those two options.

When I tell my mom that I'm eating only Omri Casspi's corn flakes, so I will have a chance at making it to the NBA she says to me that I'm already 29 years old and only 5'7, but what does she knows! Omri, I'm coming!

When I tell my mom that I’m eating only Omri Casspi’s corn flakes, so I will have a chance at making it to the NBA, she says to me that I’m already 29 years old and only 5’7, but what does she knows! Omri, I’m coming!

2) Big Ben Wallace got his Detroiy jersey retired the day before yesterday. What a great honor, he’s the first bell to have his jersey retired. But really, I always liked Big Ben and I thought him to be the greatest player on that Detroit team. True, Chauncey got the Finals MVP, but from a historical perspective Big Ben accomplished more. In my opinion and in any reasonable opinion as well. 5 All-NBA selections for Big Ben (3 for Chauncey), 6 All-Defensive selections for Big Ben (0 for Chauncey), 4 All-Star selections for Big Ben (5 for Chauncey) and 4 times DPOY awards for Big Ben, while Chauncey boasts that Finals MVP. Chauncey never led the league in any statistical category. Big Ben was twice the rebounds leader and once the blocks leader. Chauncey’s only real advantage is that Finals MVP, but does that eclipse 4 DPOY awards, an all-time record??? I’m sorry, but while Big Ben was a historically great defensive player, Chauncey is nowhere near any historical ranking, except for the all-time top 5 Bruce Bowen look-alikes.

3) I think Lamar Odom is the best player I got to see who was never selected to the All-Star game. It’s a real shame, because at his peak, during those several Lakers seaons that included two titles, he was an amazing forward, who moved like a guard, and was in my opinion the second best Lakers player. After Sasha Vujacic, obviously. It really bugs me that he never got the recognition he deserved. BTW, a close second is Josh Smith, but the Atlanta Josh Smith, not the impostor that took his place starting from the 2013-14 season. I bet the real Josh Smith is locked up in a basement somewhere, they should really check into that.

4) Every morning I check the results from the games that were played in the NBA the night before (time zones, yo). When I go over the results, there are several teams that I regularly check the box scores and read the recaps or watch the highlights from their games. Those teams include the Cavaliers, the Warriors, the Spurs, the Sacramento, etc. Now, lately Hassan Whiteside singlehandedly caused me to regularly check the Heat box scores as well. I used to check them from time to time because of Bosh and Wade, but Whiteside is responsible for the Heat’s permanent addition to the regulars list. The sheer WTF-eness of his crazy blocks stats was enough for me to check them for myself. I mean, damn, his blocks numbers are really off the charts and there’s always the chance he’ll get a triple-double with them. Oops, he already did. Do you realize that he’s currently averaging 3.97 blocks per game? This is the highest average since 1995-96!!! And it’s not like there were some close numbers in recent years. The highest blocks average in the last decade belongs (so far) to Serge Ibaka and his 3.65 blocks per game in the 2011-12 season.

5) Still on the box scores thingy: the Bucks are not one of the teams which I check regularly, but when I do:

Actually it's a pretty bad-ass starting five...

Actually it’s a pretty bad-ass starting five…

This is what I imagine every time I see K. Middleton‘s stat-line:

Hmmm is she wearing one of those Christmas special stupid NBA jerseys? I really can't tell anymore.

Hmmm is she wearing one of those Christmas special stupid NBA jerseys? I really can’t tell anymore.

6) Isn’t it like really REALLY surprising that Russell Westbrook doesn’t have any tattoos at all? I’m actually more surprised by the fact that he doesn’t have any than by the fact that Durant is heavily tattooed. In fact, I think that Russ is tied with Cristiano Ronaldo for first place at the list of top ink-less athletes who caused me the greatest surprise when I discovered their untattooedness (last on the list is Andres Iniesta).

7) Game of Zones – I just recently discovered it, although it’s almost two years old. This is actually pretty lame (the voices sound nothing alike) and I didn’t break a single smile while watching it, until the part with the Spurs (starting at 1:25), which is fucking awesome!!!

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