Worst Headline Evar?

Ladies and gentelmen, I give you…


Does this pic really need a caption?

Yes, I’m a 14-year-old.

But seriously – what?! I’m not even talking about the über-weird incident to which the headline is referring to (Dwight Howard – what were you thinking?! This is like J.R. Smith-untying-Shawn-Marion’s-and-Greg-Monroe’s-shoelaces territory). Only the “Brazzers” logo is missing.

This is the 100th post in the history of this blog, and I’m so glad that this honor went to this serious matter. I couldn’t wish for a better story to cover on this annivercary. Thank you NBA.com.


BTW, I take back what I wrote about me liking Sacramento’s chances to get a playoff spot this season. Their form is terrible, despite the fact that they have some really good players on the team, and they have no real chances of making the playoffs. God damn it, when will my homeboy Omri make his playoff debut?!

Happy 100 posts everyone!

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